Filling in Forms – Soldiers of Hell Episode 37

Andy’ll Fix It gets even more pointless than usual when Spence tries to get Andy to fill in as many forms in the back of magazines as possible in a wasteful way. Despite the apparent lack of point we do discover an alternative way to lose calories. Also, with the news that ITV are bringing back Blind Date, we remember what it used to be like.

Putting Things On Top of Other Things – an audio comparison

Elements of the Fossgate Studios film, Transatlantic Smash, was adapted from our novel What’s The Deal With Europe? Some of this material actually found its beginning in features from the Soldiers of Hell radio show. In this episode of the podcast, we compare some scenes from the movie with the original Andy’ll Fix It feature where he was challenged to put as many things on top of others things as possible.
As well as Andy and Spence, the other voices you will hear in this episode are Nicola Brazil, James Christopher, Peter Marshall, Andy’s mate Simon and last but not least Andy’s mum.
Sweet Spanish Hunchback is written by Andrew Melladay, Spencer Vale and Peter Marshall. Performed by Peter Marshall & The Lomos.

Soldiers of Hell – Eurovision Specials

The Eurovision Song Contest. A much loved annual event and the source of so much Fossgate Studios material of the years: The inspiration behind Transatlantic Smash and What’s The Deal With Europe? A failed attempt by Peter Marshall and The Lomos to enter with ‘You Win Some’. And of course a much returned to topic for the Soldiers of Hell podcast.

in this latest episode we discuss the UK’s meagre chances in a post-Brexit referendum landscape and return to some of our old predictions over the years to see how accurate they were. You can listen to it here:

Episode 35 – Eurovision Predictions:

And if you’d like to go back to some our earlier Eurovision specials they’re here:

Episode 25 – Eurovision Vodcast:

Episode 19 – Video Hopes:

Episode 6 – Nil Point:

Soldiers of Hell episode 34 – Alternative Soundtracks

Have you ever watched a film and thought: I could have selected a better theme tune than that? Do you miss movies having a big song in the charts to accompany it’s release? We have. And we’ve made a podcast about it. Which includes our own take on what could be a Saturday Night Fever replacement. Yes – I mean a song we actually wrote.

2017-05-04 18.53.12

Listen now to Soldiers of Hell Episode 34 – Alternative Soundtracks

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Soldiers of Hell episode 33 – Venn Diagram

“There is no doubt, that researching a character called Fisto is something I would rather you do on your PC.”

Are we the point at which all pop culture converges? And what’s the rudest sounding He-man character any way? In this episode of the Soldiers of Hell podcast we resolve those difficult questions plus a few more; rolling out Andy’s new ledger in the process. We also set a brand new challenge for both of us to be resolved in a future episode. Delve in soldiers!

VennListen now to Soldiers of Hell Episode 33 – Venn Diagram

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Steps: The Escalator Shop – The Omnibus edition

Hello lovely Soldiers of Hell listeners, we thought we ought to let you know this latest episode of the podcast with a public health warning. This download is a special omnibus edition of the complete Steps: The Escalator Shop sketches. In case you didn’t hear us talking about it last time, Steps: The Escalator Shop was a series that imagined what it would be like if the members of the UKs biggest ever mixed sex pop group (after All Stars and Scootch) retired from the music industry in order to run a shop selling…well…escalators. Yes, like all the best radio features, it was born out of a bad pun. Imagine if this was a show like the Tweenies, but whether the defining characteristics of the Tweenies was either being Welsh, being a robot, being a naïve toddler, adding the letter Y into the middle of words unnecessarily, or being a Roger Moore style cad. Now is your chance to bail out, but if you’re feeling brave enough you might get to hear a Shaggy cameo as your reward. Normal service will be resumed next week.

Listen now to Soldiers of Hell Episode 32 – Steps Omnibus

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Listen to new SoH podcast episode Minidisc Archive

In this episode, whilst battling with modern technology, we get out our retro tech recordings to add even more nostalgia to the already vintage podcast; further cementing our new found “old men” status. If you like banter about Betamax and Minidiscs, this is the podcast for you. If you don’t, well, there’s also talk about drinking on air, radio stripteases, and we answer the question: what if the members of Steps ran a shop selling escalators?

It’s all contained herein: Episode 31 – Minidisc Archive

In keeping with the retro theme of this episode I’ve also created a new podcast logo in pixel art.

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Gaming Challenge

Last night the original line-up of The Lomos got together at Lomo 1’s house for a retro games night. To be honest it was just an excuse for us to get together and have a few beers. It was just as well really because Lomo 1 had lost the essential wires for his Mega Drive. It promoted a Goonies-esque hunt in the loft but unfortunately didn’t lead to the leads. Neither was it the catalyst for a big 80s style adventure involving pirates and treasure.

However it has prompted me to make a list of the games I’ve lost the most time to over the years for now good reason than I enjoy a good list. It might not be a treasure map but there’s a few gems in there. In no particular order:

Sonic – Mega Drive/Game Gear/Mega Drive Classics/X Box/Android/PC

Mario Kart – N64/Wii

Tetris – Atari/Game Boy/Android

Fifa – Mega Drive/N64/X Box/Wii/Android

River Raid – Atari/Android

Premier/Championship/Football Manager – Mega Drive/PC/Android

Candy Crush – Android

Quackshot – Mega Drive

Streets of Rage – Mega Drive/Game Gear

Need for Speed: Underground 2 – X Box

Micro Machines – Mega Drive

Worms – Mega Drive

Mega Bomberman – Mega Drive

Wii Fit – Wii

Wii Sports – Wii

Wii Sport Resort – Wii

Minesweeper – PC

F22 Interceptor – Mega Drive

Kaboom – Atari/Android

Pole Position – Atari

Normality – PC

PGA Tour Golf – Mega Drive

Doom – PC

QS Scramble – ZX81

California Games – Mega Drive

World Cup Italia 90 – Mega Drive

Agent Under Fire – X Box

Fantastic Soccer – Atari

The Living Daylights – Atari

Hardball! – Atari

BMX Simulator – Atari

Goldeneye – N64/Wii/PC

Something that my Soldiers of Hell podcast mucker, Andy, and I have in common is a love of retro computer games. Having jumped back on the podcasting wagon lately, and discussed that on our old radio show we used to do a challenge based feature called Andy’ll Fix It, it seemed as good a time as any to do a retro computer game challenge on the podcast. So in this latest episode we tackle Goldeneye (it had to be Bond didn’t it?) and Hotline Miami. Power up and give it a whirl…

Episode 30: Gaming Challenge

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Spence and Co

Spence and Co is a station on the online radio platform Anchor where Spencer Vale chats to long term collaborators like Andrew Melladay, Peter Marshall and friends. It’s the first place you’ll hear new Soldiers of Hell podcasts and PMATL songs; as well as sketches and chats with other creative buddies.  Content will include music, comedy, pop culture discussion and sketches.

Anchor is an app that let’s you create radio stations or listen and engage with others. People can follow your station, “applaud” it as they listen to it, and even “dial in” using the app and you can choose whether you add their content into your station or not. You create content through the microphone on your phone or by uploading and clipping pre-recorded audio.  It’s really easy and it’s great fun to do.
The main difference between this and podcasting is that any content you create is only “live” on your station for 24 hours and then it’s gone. So if Soundcloud is the audio equivalent of YouTube, then Anchor is more like the audio equivalent of Snapchat. And in that respect it makes it more like traditional radio in its temporary nature. No wonder the app declares itself as “radio, reinvented”.

You can follow the Spence and Co Anchor station here.  Why not favourite us and applaud us whilst you’re at it…