SoH#25 – Eurovision Vodcast

The Soldiers of Hell were created in October of 1999 when slip of a lad Andrew Melladay met the young Spencer Vale. After a portion of mild encouragement, and a show-name decided by a shouty Chinese boy, we embarked upon our career at University Radio York.  After four years of AM radio heaven, an ill-fated boyband project, and winning a Best Show Award at the York Media Awards in 2001, the Soldiers story was nearly over when our time in York came to an end. Three years later we acquired the means to broadcast over the internet and began uploading podcasts. If you can Google us, and if you know how, maybe you can download… The Soldiers of Hell.

Join Andy and Spence, in Andy’s living room for their first ever video cast (vodcast?), with their better halves (pizza and beer) and their wives, for the greatest show on earth; otherwise known as the Eurovision Song Contest.

Watch it here:

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