Audience Question Time

One question we get asked a lot is: So why the stupid name.  Well as we’ve got a new blog site let’s clear that up.

Peter Marshall and The Lomos (it PMATL for short) is like a performance brand…a creative outlet for some people who perform together.  Let’s find out about them:

Peter Marshall is a stand up comedian and MC.

The Lomos is a one-man-band featuring the musical stylings of Spencer Vale. (Other people have collaborated on his musical projects – shows, songs or music vids – they’re known by their L number; their badge of honour. Even PM. For some reason he’s L1!)

PMATL is what we perform as together; either when we’re doing stand-up comedy (or hosting comedy) and music on the same night. Or it can also be used when Pete’s stand-up character refers to the absent band in his set or if he uses the music in the set.

Ramshackle, the PMATL video diary, and this blog are our way of documenting the various facets of PMATL.

Is that now cleared up?  Well we’ve just revamped our website if you want to explore more at:

It’s our home of music, comedy, videos and other pop culture shizzle. Like this stupid footy quiz for example:

Well let’s start with a new gig report the new blog. (The were well over a hundred more on our MySpace blog…but who uses MySpace any more huh?)

Gig Report 143: Help For Heroes fund raiser, Cityscreen Basement, York, 13th July 2011

Sharing the bill with various other York comedy types, Peter Marshall took to the stage for a solo effort, hoping to live up to the 6 pound ticket price that the 60 strong crowd had paid.  Whether he did or didn’t I can’t say.  But the “oh come on, it’s for charity innit” excuse is sitting proudly in the back pocket.

PMATL…what the hell?  The journey continues…


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