Lone Star

With The Lomos effectively taking a leave of absence, Peter soldiered on with this stand up lark…


Gig Report 143: Buzz comedy, Scarborough – 20th July

One of the legendary Agraman gigs.  This one should’ve been outside but with British Summer being typical…it wasn’t.  The punters had a curry first.  Their lethargy was felt from  the lack of laughs.


Gig Report 144: Bridlington, 26th July

MC’s for another one of Agraman’s gigs due to a cancellation.  What could’ve been a baptism of fire turned out to be lovely and enjoyable.  It was a great line-up including Piff The Magic Dragon.


Gig Report 145: Laughter Surgery, Tyneside Cinema – 28th July.

The gig was running that late that Peter literally had to run from the stage to the train station.  Tense.


Gig Report 146: Highwood, Leeds and Best of Envi, Liverpool – 31st July

Drove their with James Christopher who sounded worringly like he was dying in the car.  Turns out he’d just had a massive Sunday lunch.  The gig was in a rough area and there was no audience so the gig was cancelled.  Left JC in Leeds and drove on to Liverpool for the Best of Envi.  Went on last and the night really dragged.  Needless to say Peter didn’t come top.


Gig Report 147: Gagging For It Comedy, Abbey Inn, Oldham – 4th July

A pub full of goths and a frightening tattooed bloke who had just got out of jail for fighting in the same pub. Scary.


Gig Report 148: Sheffield – 7th August 2011

Gigged for Spikey Mike in Sheffield and drove there from Mum’s birthday weekend in Doncaster; Peter’s home town.  Cole Parker who had just been booted off Show Me The Funny was also on the bill.


Gig Report 149: Worksop Library, Worksop – 10th August 2011

This was the Yorkshire Comedian of The Year competition.  Peter came third.  First place won £100. He’d never gigged before.  Bastard.


So what’s it really like being on the road on your own.  The latest Ramshackle explains all:



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