Hashtag EdFringe (part 1)

Peter has never experienced the delights of the Edinburgh Fringe before and so took a journey northwards to see what the shizzle was all about. Keen to experience as many of the highs and the lows as possible in the 7 days he would be there for he did at least one gig a day – sneaking on the bill at a variety of venues – as a possible precursor for future years. He also did his best to clear his bank balance by attending at least 2 professional shows a day as a punter. It's an expensive game being a new comedian; performing simply for the love of it (daft) and then paying to watch the pros for the love of it too (not daft just pricey).

If you want to know more about the crazy beast that is the Edinburgh Festival then there are millions of other blogs and articles out there that will paint you a picture much better than this, but ultimately the experience boils down to just a few things: the expense, the tiredness, and the god-damn joy and insanity of this spectacular arts festival. Quite simply no festival we've seen (or probably will see) compares. It's bloody mental, and we're glad we've eased ourselves gently into it. Unestablished acts who take their own show to Edinburgh having never experienced the Fringe before get a rude awakening followed by a long hard painful slog.

So trying his best to soak up the experience as much as a punter than a performer, in his first 4 days watched 12 shows, witnessing gems like Tony Law, The Horne Section and Stuart Lee and also managed to cram in 4 stand-up performances of his own.

Gig Report 150: Yorkshire Comedy Show, Edinburgh Festival, 3.45pm, Saturday 20th August 2011

Pete with Back to the future t shirt on. Drama boy with flyer says – 'save the clock tower'. If only he'd not been nervous for this next gig he'd have got him. Good flyering effort. This gig was hosted by James Christopher of York so Peter snuck on the bill for his first ever gig at the Edinburgh Fringe, sorry hashtag Ed Fringe, sorry #EdFringe.It's hard enough to follow a burlesque dancer but then he saw a tramp pissing in the street, so…what a day! Spirit of the fringe and that.

Gig Report 151: All The Fun of the Unfair, The Southsider, Saturday 20th August 2011

Peter on Twitter just beforehand: "It's raining now. Course it is. Well, it couldn't stay away forever. I'll bring the sunshine. Yeah. Metaphorically." #EdFringe of course. Gig went quite well considering. Very hot small room. Band on in other room with only a curtain for sound proofing.

Gig Report 152: Yorkshire Comedy Show – Sunday 21st August 2011

Third gig of the trip. Ugghh. Brutally tired but here we go again.

Gig Report 153: Yorkshire Comedy Show – Monday 22nd August 2011

Mouth ulcers. Edinburgh had clearly defeated Peter already.
Then got trapped with a wasp inside a taxi. Pretty much a lowlight of the now renamed hashtag ed fringe so far. Gig alright though. Small but lovely audience and Andy, the star of audience participation time, his favourite bit of a pig is the arse apparently. Good to know.

Later that day Peter went on to watch 3 more shows and his first bit of celebrity spotting, seeing Jack Whitehall, Paul Merton, Tim Vine, Nicholas Parsons, and Al Murray in the same place. Oh, and the ginger guy from Big Cook Little Cook. Drinking and a very late night ensued.?? It was now Monday, and the very next day The Lomos would arriving to join in the fun…


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