Ed Fridge (Hashtag EdFringe part 2)


With fatherhood the priority following the birth of his second daughter, The Lomos hadn’t gigged with Peter since May. But granted a visa from family duties for a few days he jumped at the chance to get his groove on again and hook up with Peter at the Edinburgh Fringe which he kept mistakenly hashtagging #EdFridge on Twitter. Not sure who Ed Fridge is but he sounds like a future character in the making.

It was also a good chance for some socialising and catching up with old friends, seeing some impressive shows (Terry Anderson and Beardyman are highly recommended), hanging out with Lomo 5 who recorded another Cordrey and Marshall podcast with Peter and filming some Ramshackle to be released very soon. But the priority for The Lomos was to get back on the gig wagon; now sporting a mini-keyboard for portability and freedom during stand-up routines.


Gig Report 154: Yorkshire Comedy – 23rd August 2011

Despite minimal rehearsal and the 10 minute set being a bastardisation of Peter’s solo stand-up set, The Lomos eased back into the spotlight; the irony being that there was no spotlight. The venue was a nightclub and due to lighting limitations the audience (of about 45) were more brightly lit than the performers. Still, we felt we shone brightly enough to not need the spotlight. PMATL – back on the road together again!

Gig Report 155: Pro-Zach, Jekyll and Hyde, Edinburgh, 17.45 23rd August 2011

From a club pushing about 50 in, to a small pub back room with about 12 in, of which 2 were our friends. But still, a gigs a gig and a stage is a stage. This performance was slightly more sloppy. Probably because it’s harder to give it beans to a small crowd. Also, to the audience member who “gives away hair” for a living…that’s never been a comedy cul-de-sac. APT was ruined. Fun though.

Gig Report 156: Pro-Zach, Jeykll and Hyde, 17.45 Wednesday 24th August 2011

Some beers, some pro-shows, some food and some sleep later, it was back to the Jekyll for Pro-Zach again. This time it appeared we would be playing to just four. George went on and did his intro – and this time, because the crowd were beyond intimate, he did it sitting down. This gave the audience the impression that it would be an interactive show and one old gentleman in particular took the opportunity to discuss every joke or comment. By the time we went on it was evident that we were going to have to do things slightly different to normal.

Thankfully, an extra couple had arrived by the time we went on, thus tripling the audience. Discussions during CheatBeat about Premiership football teams had led the old man to say something that the audience were not sure if was intentionally racist or not. We carried on, hoping it wasn’t. But when we got to the James Bond “are there any racists in?” gag, the old bloke started to say “I’ll tell you what I don’t like…” and we started to worry that this was going to escalate. Suddenly the whole crowd and us wanted to talk over him. (We say crowd. There was only 6 in remember.) Thankfully it didn’t escalate, and I’m glad to say we got out of there having had a lot of fun. By the time George came back on there were 4 more late comers in and energy levels were up.?? Ironically, considering the mistaken racism earlier, there was a wonderful spectrum of nations in for such a small audience. As well as English and Scots, there was a Greek, a Tanzanian Berliner, a Spaniard, a New Yorker and a Scandinavia Scot. That’s the spirit of the Fringe right there. So a weird but highly fun gig all in all. It couldn’t get odder…could it?…could it?

Gig Report 157: Bar 50, Edinburgh Festival, 22.45 Wed 24th August

Our last performance of the festival was a late one, opening at Peter Brush and Eddie French’s gig in Bar 50, a cornered off section of a Youth Hostel. By all accounts it was a nice bar, but it was busy and noisy and the only thing between the gig and non gig goers was some white wooden boards, a curtain and some sandbags. For the second time that day, we were performing to only 6, and it was a multinational audience: one Brit, 2 Americans and 3 Irish. Needless to say the football jokes were a bit lost on the Americans and they left; not before falling asleep, (true) and thus depleting the size of the audience by 33% for Peter and Eddie later. (Not of that would matter as you’ll soon see.) Following that, let’s just say our politician gags didn’t work too well for the Irish lads either. They seemed to enjoy it though.

After us Peter Brush went on and was rudely interrupted by a fire alarm and evacuation of the entire hostel. At which point we thought ‘well we’ve done our bit now. No point in sticking around,’ and just left. Spirit of the Fringe and that.

So, could it have gotten any weirder? Probably not. Or maybe, if we’d hung around at the festival a little longer we’d found out. But alas, the was to be the end of our first Fringe adventure. Will we be back next year? Hopefully, and hopefully we’ll see you there too!

Coming soon…a Ed Fringe Ramshackle special…

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