Concentric Circles

The original concept for Peter Marshall & The Lomos was as a vehicle for Peter; the idea being that The Lomos was an interchangable bunch of performing collaborators.?? (More of the genesis of The Lomos in a minute.)?? But that concept quickly changed to it just being Peter and Spencer as a double act on the stand-up circuit following winning a talent show.

A year down the line and circumstances led to Peter occasionally doing a few gigs on his own.?? And then more recently the birth of Spencer's 2nd child meant that Peter was doing the vast majority of performing on his own but still under the stage name of Peter Marshall & The Lomos. We're now pretty much 2 years on from the first PMATL gigs (and 156 gig reports later) and we've decided that Peter Marshall & The Lomos works best as a musical entertainment act – coming almost full circle in the process – and the stand-up circuit, an avenue we pursued more from Peter's love of it than it necessarily suiting our musical material, is best left to one man.?? And that man is Peter Marshall.

So Peter will continue to gig, but now just under his own monica.?? And Peter Marshall & The Lomos will pursue the type of nights and avenues where entertaining people through music is the order of the day.?? Therefore future gig reports on here will simply document PMATL gigs only.?? With the exception of one more:

Gig Report 157: Flix Movie Cafe – Ha Ha Hartlepool – 14th September 2011

On Wednesday night we went to Hartlepool for the final of a new stand-up competition. We say we. It was actually just Peter; despite being billed as Peter Marshall & The Lomos having won the heat earlier this year as a duo.?? And low and behold Pete went and won the final on his own!?? Roughly 2yrs down the line from winning that first ever talent show where he roped fellow member of musical collective The Lomos, Spencer, in to performing with him, now he's winning things on his own!?? Which is great for his stand-up confidence and great for Spencer, or The Lomos as he calls himself now, to be able to concentrate on the music side again.?? It feels like we've come full circle again and there's some validation in that.

Although, this is last PMATL gig report that only features one member of the duo/band it certainly won't be the last gig and the last gig report.?? It's just that these pages will remain as intended for the joint efforts.

You'll still be able to read about Peter's solo efforts and other projects at his twitter account. ??He's much more inclined to write something if he only has to bother with 140 characters as well!

Ok, we said we'd talk a little about the genesis of The Lomos. ??Well on Tuesday night we had our 2nd Lomo-fest of the year. ??Lomo-fest is the name we give to when the first four founding members of the original band, Peter, Spencer, along with Tor Petersen and Graham Berry get together to chew the fat and the ale or cider or wine or something stronger.?? This was something of a return to our origins as not since 2007 have we had more than one collective meet up of this ilk in the same year. It used to be the way we wrote music; a few beers and a few loops or riffs were born.?? But that soon got replaced with other commitments and Lomo-fest had to exist to ensure The Original Lomos were still active; collectively socially at least. The origins of our music making still exist socially at least!

Already having had one Lomo-fest this year, this time it was round to Tor's (home of those original recording sessions that you'll find on our album – available here – although it's a different house now) for Rabbit Ragu and a mirror of the past.



Sometimes, things come full circle. Or twice in one week it would appear!

You can see a glimpse of a previous Lomo-fest in an earlier Ramshackle.

PMATL will return…


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