Stand up for Heroes 2

Gig Report 158: Stand up for Heroes 2, Monkbar Hotel, York – Mon 7th November 2011

"You were really pleasant." Said one woman.
"I'm going to be singing that in my dreams." Said another.
"I'll never look at an egg in the same way again." Said a 3rd.

Just the varied a selection of quotes from people after the gig last night, and we're not even including anything about the group of girls who thought The Lomos, dropping off some equipment at another venue in town later, was their taxi driver.?? Well, he does make a beautiful chauffeur.?? [And no…you can't count them as groupies – Pete] Our replies to the above 3 quotes were…

"We've never used more swear words than tonight."
"We still get royalties when you dream about us."
"What's an egg?"

Let's briefly talk about the performance.?? It was a bit loose to say the least.?? But that's what you get when you have minimal rehearsal, with new material, having not performed together for a few months.?? The main learning point for both of us here is don't try and improv too much when you're relying on specific cues to keep things tight.?? Or rehearse more.?? One of the two.

That does our performance an injustice though.?? Yes, it could have been better, but there were definitely some people who were really into it.?? We immensely regret picking on a lady in the audience for using her phone but who turned out to be looking us up on Facebook.?? (If you're reading this…sorry.)?? We even survived the fact that The Lomos mic came loose before the last song thanks to Pete's wielding of a radio mic and The Lomos big gob.

The main thing though above all of that was that, thanks to Steve Shooter who organised the event, loads of cash was raised for the Help the Heroes charity.?? There were 9 acts on the bill as well so there was something for everyone.

So what's next for PMATL??? Well, we're working on a new album of material so keep popping back to look out for that.?? And we've got an upcoming Chrimbo Lomo-fest social with the original line-up having had an autumnal fire-pit one a few weeks ago (with the hardest to light but longest burning fire ever.)?? It seems like we've had more band socials in the last 6 months than gigs!?? Anyway, there's more fun on the horizon so let the Lomo love-in begin people… (And we don't mean come and share a taxi.)


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