December Days

Let us just say Merry December Days one and all whilst there's still time! It's been a month and a half since the last PMATL gig. That said, there is always time for a seasonal PMATL appearance or so. In the week before Christmas Peter Marshall & The Lomos had the pleasure of guest hosting the Fixated On radio show on Leeds Indie Radio, anchored by Steve Shooter. It was a really fun hour terrorising, no shambolizing, no…ramshacklizing the show. If you didn't catch it at the time, it's available to download as a podcast from here.

PMATL got the opportunity to play their Christmas tune December Days on the show, which if you've not heard it before, it’s available on YouTube:

It’s also had some airplay on Preston Radio too for John's Comedy Hour, hosted by John Gray. John was the host of the Kick The Bucket football quiz that Peter Marshall & The Lomos had the pleasure of being the house band for at the Preston Frog and Bucket comedy club earlier this year.

Speaking Kick The Bucket, that will be the name of the 2nd PMATL EP released in the early months of 2012. It will be a combo of familiar and new material, and speaking of Kick The Bucket, it will feature said theme tune. Thanks for your support in 2011, and we'll see you on the other side.

Let the Lomo love-in begin…


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