Is 2012 the year that ends the world? Nope you fool. The ramshackle world of Peter Marshall and The Lomos will be expanding. Or we'll be taking over the world of media. Or something. This analogy is a bit lame, but it's not like us to redraft anything…so…moving on.

Basically we're trying to say we've got our fingers in a bunch of pies right now.

Innnnnnnn ONE! [Bullseye voice]

We've written a theme tune to a new webseries called Nights At The Round Table by Red Shirt Films. (The chaps who make I Am Tim that we cameoed in last year.)?? The pilot is out now so give it a watch here.

The full series is out in the Autumn and the full length tune will be on our second album.?? Speaking of which…..

Innnnnnnn TWO!

We're still writing, recording and mixing Feel Good Factory which be out in the spring hopefully.?? Don't forget you can still download our debut album on iTunes, Spotify et al.

Innnnn THREE!

Whilst writing tunes for the album we've also written a jingle for John's Comedy Hour on Preston 103.2.?? Next week we'll be putting some jingles together for Steve Shooter's Fixated On show on Leeds Indie Radio which we guested on before Xmas.

Innnnn FOUR!

Our tune Palomo, and one of Spencer's solo tunes, Soldiers of Hell (both available on itunes) will be featured on the soundtrack to the next feature film by Milestone Film called Amber.?? Exciting!

Innnnn FIVE!

And speaking of film, this is not strictly PMATL news but the members of the band are both involved in the production of a new indie short by Andrew Davies (Lomo 11) called Fighter Pilot.?? We're at pre-production stage at the mo and trying to raise funds.?? If you fancy having a look what it's about then follow this link (and if you fancy helping us out you can even donate to the fundraising!)


So…like we said….media meltdown.?? Brace yourselves…The Lomos are coming.??


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