It’s a percentage game

We've been working on the new album for a while now and we thought it was worth a progress update.?? Everyone likes a stat.

The album is 100% written
It's 75% recorded
It's 50% percent mixed

So it's definitely getting there. It's as close as a shave from a three blade razor of non-specific brand that's been used once or twice too many on some pretty severe stubble. And we at PMATL towers know all about severe stubble (although very little about shaving.)

We've had a few demos from the album up on our Corporate Records page for a while now, but we thought it was about time we shared a finished full length track as a sneak peak.?? So for free you can download a track called Blue Skies (A MF Summer Song) from here:

Think of it as an antidote to the long winter months, or as December Days part 2, or as our comedy friend Harry Bentley put it, "delightful British pessimism".

Have a listen and see what you think.?? There'll be more where that came from very soon.

Let the Lomo love-in begin…


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