We keep on mentioning the fact that we're working on our 2nd album called Feel Good Factory. If this is new to you, it's concept is it's semi-live, quasi-psychedelic, and all-fun.

Well we've set ourselves a deadline for completing it because on 22nd March we're hosting a fundraising gig at Bay Horse in York for Eboracum pictures latest short film: Fighter Pilot.?? It's not a PMATL project but it's a project we're supporting as there's a whole host of Lomos involved: L1 on behind the scenes documentary duties, L2 as Assistant Producer, L11 on sound, Lomoette 1 also Assistant Producer and last but not least Lomo 10 as Writer/Director/Exec Producer. Ultimately, this is his film and we're all along for the ride!?? It goes into production later this month.
So we'll be selling copies of the Feel Good Factory at the fundraiser night, hence the deadline.?? And speaking of deadlines, there is still time (just) to get involved in the film itself.?? You can read more here:


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