It’s A W(rap)

Gig Report 159: 22nd March 2012
Fighter Pilot Fundraiser, Bay Horse, Marygate, York


We’ve talked several times recently about the Fighter Pilot film we’re helping out on (read previous blogs for more info) so the last thing we had to do before the film entered production on Monday was to raise some last minute funds to help it out with it. Well someone (Lomo 11) thought us hosting a gig would be the best to make this happen. You’ve seen us before right? Right Lomo 11? You’re sure this is the best plan?


Actually, it turned out to be a pretty good plan indeed as we had a decent turn out and raised quite a bit from the night through tickets and a raffle. The lowlight of the raffle was when Lomo 2 won a copy of the PMATL album. If he wanted another copy of that he’d press Control-V. (Joke for you computer nerds out there.)


The lovely local line-up of comedians and musicians got the party started and by the time we’d finished our headline (our words, nobody else’s) slot we were right in the vibe to get on with making Lomo 11’s film.  As we lugged the heavy PA system down the pub steps and into a car that by rights should never be that laden down, we knew this was the shape of the week to come.  Making independent films seems to be all about lugging shit around.  But we do that very well so that’s alright.  And by this point the team spirit was in full swing.


This working towards one purpose feeling gave us the momentum into the following week which in no particular order was about cars, kit, cake, cast, crew, camaraderie, climate (of the sunny kind), climbs (of the steep hills in cars kind) and (a)ccommodation.  



One of the perfect North Yorkshire days during the shoot

During the shoot we discovered that we, as PMATL, once got Sound Assistant Will, before we knew him, up on stage at a gig to dance in a John Terry mask. So Pete interviewed him on camera for the behind the scenes video. Fancy being embarressed twice about the same thing! Doing that to people is a Peter Marshall staple.


Let the Lomo love-in begin…

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