Feel Good Factory – The Album

It feels like we’ve been talking about it for ages but the second PMATL album – Feel Good Factory – is out now to download exclusively from Bandcamp.

It’s a psychadelic whirlwind of 14 tracks (man) with a listing as follows:

(1) Feel Good Factory & (2) Rules Song

(3) Kick The Bucket

(4) Audience Participation Time

(5) Aspirational Hymn (Bak 2 Skool)

(6) WheelDeal (A Rip Off Song)

(7) Audience Question Time

(8) Retweet My @ Reply (Ya Bastard)

(9) Blue Skies (A MF Summer Song)

(10) Collaboration is the Key

(11) Nights At The Round Table

(12) Belly Belly

(13) Hair (Bear)

(14) Reprise

Thanks to Rich Massara for lending us his MC skills on Track 1, Amelia Tyler on introductory voice-over written by Jamie McKeller on Track 11, and to Gareth Milne and James Dillon for the artwork.



Let the lomo love-in begin…


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