On The Edge

Gig Report 160: Sunday 22nd July 2012

On The Edge Festival, Temple Works, Leeds


If there’s one thing that we love it’s a festival.  (Check out our next Ramshackle episode for a testament to that fact – coming soon.)  Festival season is in full swing and we’ve finally got some good weather to acompany it. (See our lastest music vid Blue Skies for point in question.)  So what festival should we unleash ourselves on this year?  On The Edge; that’s where.  A Leeds based fringe and arts festival in only its second year we quite sure what it would have in store for us.  But likewise we were sure that On The Edge didn’t know what we had in store from us either so it works both ways!


Boring anecdotes about scheduling and car navigation left for another day we arrived in sunny conditions to offered the proposition of gracing the Rock Stage at 8pm or the Caberet Stage at 5pm.  Plumped for the latter, despite the attractive pull of the sun and the chance to chill out a bit before going on. No, not us. We rock up and then rock out.  So the caberet space it was – and we’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t say that that suited our style of performance better.


Without much time to take stock we plug-and-played, trying to draw in a crowd by just cracking on with it.  it seemed to do the trick, and we treated the audience to a set full of our classics, of which they joined in a good sing along god bless em, plus one cover and one of our new tracks: Hair.  To be honest, I think Hair was a shambles but with more practice I think it’s got the potential to become a regular in our set.  Regular.  Whatever your definition of regular is when we’re gigging together so infrequently.  That said, we’ve got another gig next Sunday in Preston so boom, there’s another chance to inflict it on the population right there.


It was nice to be gigging again, after what seems like ages.  But I’d say that festivals are definite favourite of ours.  It’s a summer sport and we’re blooming.


“Blue skies are here to stay…”



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