Frogcast, Casting Off.

Gig Report 161: Sunday 29th July 2012
Frogcast, Preston Frog and Bucket Comedy Club


Last night we performed on the bill at the Frog and Bucket in Preston again for what turned out to be the last ever Frogcast.  Those with elephantine memories may well remember that some time ago we performed at the very first one. You may as well call us the Bookend boys. (Not the Bookhouse boys.  They’re very different.  One for the Twin Peaks fans that.)


This time though we just one of two acts on the bill, with Seymour Mace of Ideal fame headlining with an Edinburgh Preview.  Ours was a 15 minute set followed by an on stage interview with Rich Massara for the podcast.  The first time we did the Frogcast we just did 5mins, so it was a big compliment to be given a longer set on the final night.  The fact that our impromptu Audience Question Time jingle from the first ever Frogcast has been used on every one since (and we got to perform it again) was nice and symbolic for us.


The way we structured our set was a mix of the solo Peter Marshall stand-up routine and some typical PMATL songs as the “band”.  The songs included Hair, which we performed miles better than the week before at On The Edge.  It got a decent amount of laughs and gave us some confidence that it might become a long stayer on our setlist.


The journey to and from Preston gave us chance to chat about how long it has been since we’ve been on the road together for a comedy night of this ilk, (it’s actually the last time we did the Frogcast), reminisce about gigs of old and how we’d developed and in many ways moved on from how we started 3 years ago, but in other ways things had gone cyclical.  The Peter Marshall stand-up routine has reached a stage where musical accompaniment is no longer required, but equally, having a comedy band gives another string to the performance bow and gives an altogether different adrenaline rush.  So it’s with that in mind, as a band we’re going to target either musical gigs, arts festivals, or something altogether different.  (Like the gig in a cupcake shop next month for example.  More on that to follow soon.)


So are PMATL as a duo bowing out of the stand-up scene? Probably not. (And definitely not when it comes to Peter’s solo act I hasten to add.)  But they’re likely to be rare.  So although it was the Frogcast swansong on Sunday, it wasn’t necessarily an end to PMATL in dedicated comedy clubs; but it did mark the end of an era.  


Don’t worry, next time we see you, we’re going to rock your ruddy socks off!


Let the Lomo love-in begin…

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