We’re Recruiting

Yes, you read that right: we’re recruiting.


If you’ve read our blog over the years and particular last week’s you’ll know that we often discuss ways to find our audience.  We don’t mean literally track them down. Hiring a private detective would be a pretty extreme method of identifying someone to perform to.  Although, having said that, that’s not a bad idea.  But in lieu of having the disposable income to hire Magnum or Gumshoe, we’ve got another idea.


The birth of PMATL (or The Lomos as we were known then) was through collaboration.  Throughout the years we’ve worked with a variety of people who have contributed to some of the songs/artwork/events/videos and even written a song (or would you call it a rap?) about the complete list of The Lomos.


We’ve realised that although the outlets of gigging and releasing albums of our tunes are great, the untapped one for us is internet videos.  Yes, we’ve put loads of videos out there already, but if we’re totally honest they’re pretty ropey.  Some would say ramshackle; which of course is how our video blog got it’s name.  But if we’re ever going to reach a decent audience through this channel then we need an output worthy of sharing, of tweeting, of rewatching, or dare we say it something that could go viral.  And that means that the imagination and production values need someone with the right skills and the creative freedom in our group to make this happen.


The utopia to aim for is that of Lonely Island who have just racked up a billion hits on YouTube. Yes, you read that right…a BILLION hits! Now it goes without saying that we haven’t got the foundation of Saturday Night Live and global superstar mates like Justin Timberlake or Lady Gaga to star in our vids; but still you’ve got to dream right?  Are you the person to make it a reality?


One comedian, one musician, one video director, each with equal creative input.  Sounds good doesn’t it!  Do you want to be that third member? You may even fancy co-starring in the vids or contribute to the songs (or not…whatever takes your fancy.)


Basically, do you wanna be in our band like?


If that sounds like you then drop us a tweet at @PMATLOfficial or a message at Facebook.com/PMATL

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