Having Our Cake and Eating It

Gig Report 162: Sooty’s Cupcakery, York, 8pm Thursday 16th August 2012.


Let it never be said that we at PMATL towers don’t do things a bit differently.  Put your hand up if you’ve done a gig in cake shop before? There you go.


We can honestly say that we’ve rarely enjoyed ourselves at a gig more than we did last night.  And that’s before we were given super scrummy cakes into the bargin!


Sooty’s Cupcakery is a lovely little cake shop and cafe in Castlegate, York (which all must visit and buy amazing cakes) and last night it played host to an intimate and one off gig with comedy from Sam J Brown and Dave Shaw and acoustic music from Arran Johnson. And then after a cake-break we hit the stage, I mean front of the shop, and bashed out some ditties of our own; which, considering the environment, felt perfectly natural!  Our only topical joke being:


“what’s the most important ingredient in a cake?”
“An egg?”
“What’s an egg?”


Also, it had been a really pleasant gig until 10 seconds into our performance Pete shouted: “Come on you’re all fucked off your tits on sugar and caffeine, let’s rock!”


The gig was organised by Steve Shooter of Fixated On radio show/podcast who said that was the best performance he’d seen us do yet. Which considering he’s seen us about eighty million times we’ll take that as a compliment. Maybe we should get fucked off our tits on sugar and caffeine more often!


Let the love-in begin….



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