It’s over now…

Gig Report 163: Yorkshire House, York – Fri 14th September

PMATL was born out of a work based friendship that began 9 years ago and subsequently a work based talent contest that took place 3 years ago. Well, the department that we've both worked in for all that time closed on Friday and it wouldn't be us if we didn't mark the occasion with a song.

So that was us, and 150 other people, crammed into the boardroom of a large office building, with just a child's keyboard and a Powerpoint presentation to work with. ??We wrote a bespoke piece full of 5 minutes worth of office in jokes in song form accompanied by the odd funny photo. ??Considering the potentially bittersweet nature of the event, it was still a time to celebrate the good times. ?? I think we'll be hard pushed to ever top the reaction that we got. ??Crowds at normal gigs are normally much harder work than this. ??And smaller for that matter. ??

The song we wrote can never be performed again. ??It quite frankly would make no sense to anyone else. ??But for for us two it marked a massive milestone in our lives and for that reason, to us this performance will always be a special memory. ??We hope that to our friends and colleagues it will always feel that way to them too.

On a related aside, a long time ago we performed at a very large conference event and a company director told us that he thought we could make a good career out of corporate events by performing bespoke songs about each particular company's jargon, strategies and in jokes. ??We were always dubious and I suppose it would be a bit of a sell out. But still, think of the cash. (I know it must be hard for you to comprehend the fact that we're not millionaires already. ??Now, if we had a pound for every YouTube hit….oh.) So, any big corporates out there want us to come and rip the shit out of you in song form you just let us know.

Until the next time friends, colleagues and PMATL fans…it's been emotional…

Rock and roll.


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