Horsing around


Gig report 164: Wagon & Horses, York – Sat 20th Oct 2012

It’s almost exactly 3 years since we last played a Musical Comedy night organised by Karl Senior.  This time it was held at a lovely real ale pub called the Wagon and Horses where Karl normally hosts a weekly acoustic night.  For the second time this year he put on a musical comedy night instead last night and we were on the bill with the man himself and also Bush and McClusky.

We’d been asked to do a 45 minute slot which when you’re as unrehearsed as us that’s pushing it.  But like the pros that we are we soldiered on and pulled out all the stops and scraped the barrel in order to give them what they wanted (and other such cliches).  Whether it is truly what the crowd wanted we’re not sure.  It wasn’t quite what Karl wanted, and he heckled us to perform our Jesus Blog skit which we haven’t done for about two years.  Thankfully we didn’t succumb to peer pressure as it would have been a car-crash.  Next time Karlos buddy.

It’s nice to get the opportunity to do a longer set now and again and reminded us that it’s about time that we organised one of our own gigs to give us another good excuse to roll out the oldies and some unrehearsed newies whilst we’re at it.  We’ll get on it.

In other news, we’ve released another Ramshackle this week.  In it we reflect on some of the highlights of 2012 so far.  Like for example, when L2 shoved a cake in his face.  (Not to mention playing On The Edge festival in Leeds and releasing our second album.  Don’t forget them too.)  All that and more is contained herein.  Enjoy…


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