What goes around comes around

Hello my lovelies. It's Lomo 2 here – aka Spencer Wheels, aka Spencer Vale, as in the one man band that is The Lomos of PMATL. Why have I got so many names? It's ridiculous. Anyway, I'm sat at home having a cup of decaf tea, (I'm that kinda guy), typing on my BlackBerry (yeah I'm that kinda guy too) whereas 10 mins ago I was sat in Lomo-mobile 3 with Lomo 1 aka Peter Marshall having been chauffeured back from Leeds where we've just been interviewed and performed for South Leeds Community Radio.

We've just had a good old chat in the car about the last 3 years, the gig we did at the weekend, tonight's interview which asked us some questions about the last 3 years, the next gig (which is also linked to tonight's interview amongst other things and I'll mention more about that in a minute) and beyond.  We had so much fun talking about performing that we nearly drove straight past my road end to continue on to York city centre looking for an open mic night with mini-keyboard in Ikea bag in hand.  As it was, we didn't, and I'm now at home drinking decaf tea.  (Like I say, I'm that kinda guy.). But the intention was there in part due to the post performance adrenalin of our radio interview, but also because of the light bulb moment during our in-car chat about how comfortable we are as an act now.   

I couldn't begin to add up how many hours we've spent in rehearsal (not many actually), and whilst on the road (loads) chatting about what our act is, what characters we should play, what types of gigs we should play or what audiences we should be playing to and how to make our act funnier.  And now, after all this time, the penny has dropped.  We are what we are.  It's not that none of the above matters.  Far from it in fact.  We are the sum total of our experiences.  But now that we don't force the issue we suddenly know the answers to a lot of the questions that we once didn't.  

If you've been an avid follower of our blog over years, (and god knows, who hasn't?) then you'll have read our written thoughts on these matters and how they've evolved.  Dissecting why certain performances are better or worse than others is both the blessing and the curse of being a performer.  And the same goes for being in a duo.  The beauty is that you get to share this journey with a friend and talk these things over rather than internalising them, but the curse is that you've got to get both your heads in check and pull in the same direction to get anywhere.  Well, you'll be pleased to know that PMATL as an entity has never been more sure of itself than now.

We've got a busy month ahead independently; particularly Peter who is appearing in a stage adaptation of Calender Girls during November.  (He's not playing a naked woman.)  And then comes the gig we were in Leeds to be interviewed about.  It's on 30th November and is an ambitious and exciting cabaret night in Leeds that we're on the bill for and is being arranged by the presenters of the radio show that we were interviewed by tonight: Sarah and Mark.  We first met Sarah after our performance at On The Edge festival in the summer and tonight performed songs for her radio show.  Ironically you'll see that both of these things are thematically if not literally linked to our most recent Ramshackle episode.  Oh boy do I love it when things slide neatly into place.

So the fact that we performed to two presenters tonight in a radio studio (and had the good intentions of driving on to an open mic night) it might be stretch but I'm calling this one a gig:

Gig Report 165: South Leeds Community Radio – 24th October 2012

It definitely justifies being classified as a gig.  We played 3 songs – Hello-mo, Eggs are Nuts, and Hair – as well as being interviewed.  The intimate studio setting is something that is a funny old place to be for a (dare I say flamboyant) act of our nature; especially when you're playing on a child's mini-keyboard and having to drop the swear words.  It's all good fun though and we really enjoyed being interviewed as it gives our 'characters' an opportunity to come to the fore.  (By characters we mean stage personas, and by stage personas we just mean Pete and I having the excuse to publicly rip the piss out of each other without destroying our friendship.  Yes.  Like I say: characters.)  It was a combo of this interview and the knowledge that we're both singing from the same hymn sheet (not literally – we haven't gone gospel on you) that makes us excited about the future.  

Let the Lomo love-in begin…
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