In an interview we once did for South Leeds Radio we were asked where the name of our band came from. This is a regular occurrence for us and we tend to respond by looking at each other and then making some kind of glib remark about Peter Marshall and The Lomos being a Cliff Richard and The Shadows or Diana Ross and The Supremes tribute act. That’s not actually true though, but the actual answer is less funny. We alluded to it in a couple of Ramshackle World of PMATL vlog episodes, but we’ve never written it down. So it’s about time we cleared it up once and for all with an actual bio….

Peter Marshall and The Lomos is a music and comedy act hailing from York in the North of England. Technically they’re a duo, but in the past they’ve been part of a bigger band or musical collaboration but the essence of their existence is to have fun, to entertain, and to not take life too seriously.


And that’s why the name of the band is so apt.

Back in 2005, Spencer Vale, the keyboard player and producer of the band was given the gift of a Lomography Colorsplash.


A few months in to shooting from the hip and it was evident that he’d fully embraced the analogue lifestyle. Therefore when his band needed a name that inspired their ethos then The Lomos was an inevitable conclusion.


These days, in a slimmed down outfit of just two members, Peter Marshall is the front man and therefore The Lomos has become synonymous with just Spencer, the one man band (with a Supersampler, Horizon and Diana Mini in tow.)

Inspired by such Lomographic principles as authenticity, their sole aim is to have fun and hope that others share in the good vibes. That’s why, when needing an anthemic number to end their first ever show they wrote the song entitled Let The Lomo love-in Begin.

In 2010 they raised money for a charity called SASH by performing 24 Gigs in 24 Hours. Like the Pied Pipers of York they roamed from venue to venue to perform their particular brand of whimsy with an entourage of volunteers to help them with their quest – letting the Lomo love-in begin in the process.

“Celebrate this time with your friends, don’t let this song be the end, of every plan or idea you have inside.”

You can download or stream this song from Bandcamp, one of the tunes on their first album .


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