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Gig Report 166: Black Swan, York – Sun 18th Nov 2012


Last night we had the pleasure of playing our first gig on behalf of somebody’s birthday celebration.  Our friend Tom had arranged an acoustic night in the ancient York pub that is the Black Swan for his 30th Birthday party.  Can you believe that in over 3 years, this is the first time that we’ve played for somebody’s birthday?  Pretty surprising really if you consider that on the old TV show California Dreams, birthday parties in the local diner seemed to be the only way the self-titled teen band could get their breaks.  Anyway, we live in York not LA, and everyone knows that this is where people really come to make it in showbusiness.


The whole birthday of friend thing led to a more relaxed and bantery performance (as it did for the other acts on the bill too) but when Lomo 2 licked Peter’s ear that was probably taking the relaxed approach too far.  That’s a sure fire way to make a man who’d come straight from Calender Girls dress rehearsals (or undress rehearsals if you will) even more uptight.  But the whole evening was very enjoyable.  (Apart from Pete spilling L2’s pint on stage, but let’s gloss over that for now.). Happy Birthday Tommi!


Maybe we can get some more gigs for other people’s celebrations soon.  But in the meantime, Peter’s got Calender Girls and the prospect of not being the only tit on stage to worry about.


Let the Lomo love-in begin….

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