Gig Report 167: Confumbled, Heart Arts Centre, Headingly – Fri 30th Nov 2012


The drive to the gig on Friday might have a sounded a bit like this….

“Tonight, isn’t it about time we performed a song that explains a little bit more about the both of us?”

“We’ve already done that haven’t we!”

“Have we?”

“PMATL…what the hell…it’s Peter Marshall and The Lomos.”

“PMATL what the hell!  I thought you’d have realised by now that this is far from a Peter Marshall vehicle.  If anything, I’m driving this mustang and you’re just a passenger.”

“You might be the chauffeur but I’m still in the front.”

“In a booster seat…with the air bags disabled.  So enough of this PMATL rubbish….We’re Peter & Spencer…we’re The Lomos”

It might have sounded like that.  Well, it didn’t really go like that, but the point is that Pete was driving (his none Mustang) on the count that Spencer had spent a day drinking wine at Doncaster Races (not planned – the drinking bit at least – ironically in Pete’s home town) and we were on the way to a very unique gig in Leeds and Spence was trying to sober up in order to make sure he could pretend to be rubbish instead of being genuinely being rubbish.  We videoed some of this too – so inevitably it will end up in a Ramshackle at some point.

It was a good gig.  We might have even been better for all this.  It’s not going to be a habit though – the drinking thing.  We’re not that rock and roll.  Although drinking’s not really rock and roll these days is it?  Or is it?  We’re not rock and roll enough to know what’s rock and roll.  Sex, drugs and rock and roll.  Yeah there was no sex either.  Or rock and roll.  Yeah we’re pretty normal.  You know that already.

Although apparently we’re eclectic enough to be on this bill:

Acts: Urban Sprawl – Dark Fusion Dancer Beverley Spracklen – Bob and Dean form Buscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers – Matthew Tiffany – Comedy Duo Peter Marshall and The Lomos – Burlesque Dancer Penny Sweets – Wolfie from Speakeasy Leeds and Dance Sensation Dark Obessions

Confumbled………….An evening of strange and wonderful entertainment

In aid of Urban Sprawl, Yorkshire’s only homeless theatre company

Confumbled….anything can happen in a place where nothing happens

We invite you to take your seat and wait for all to unfold during the night of Avant-garde cabaret 

And we played our new Hair song…

Pete did some filming as well and the gig was arranged by the lovely people who interviewed us a few weeks ago for Love Leeds Radio.  What a lovely evening,  What a lovely day.  Let’s make this happen again people!

PMATL – driving you wild.  All over Yorkshire.  Well, an bit of an area of North Yorkshire and one part of West.  Although if you’ve read this today, you’d think that we’re the best thing on the planet…

Before you get too excited and think that we’ve made it, notice that it was written by none other than friend of PMATL, Steve Shooter of Fixated On fame, who’s gig we’re headlining on Wednesday. (   But ssshhhh, don’t tell anyone.  We mean, yes…tell everyone we’re massive.  And come down.  Bring your friends.  It’s going to be awesome.


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