Knock Knock

Gig Report 168: Knock Knock Comedy, Post Office Club, York – Wed 5th December 2012


The penultimate PMATL gig of the year was our 1st of only 2 opportunities to perform December Days.  If you’ve never seen it before then here it is…



It’s a difficult song to perform live as Pete’s comments have to be quick and specific (not his usual style I’m sure you’re agree) other wise they can be lost in the song; the danger being then that it just looks like we’re performing a really bad Christmas Song with no sense of irony.  We’ve only done it live once before and it was awful.


So headlining this brand new comedy night in a really good venue of the Post Office club (which is a big room, with a good size stage) required us to do a 30 min set.  We thought before that it would be ideal due to the time of the year and the length of the set to pull our one and only Xmas tune out of the sack.  But we always had it up our sleeve that we might drop it from the set if things weren’t going our way.


Due to the fact that there was a friendly enough but quite heckley bunch of blokes at the front there was a strong possibility that December Days and a few other bits might be dropped, but no Pete had other things in mind.  To cut to the chase, we did it all.  Peter Marshall may well be the only person who could get away with calling a heckler racist several times and then still get a cuddle from him as he serenades him with Lady In Red.  


The whole thing was captured on film too, so you may well get to see this at some point hopefully.  Speaking of films, we’ve sowed some more seeds for a project that we’re working on (film based) that we can reveal more about in the new year.  Exciting times.


Rock out with your cock out…

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