It’s Only An Act


Gig Report 169: Wagon and Horses Christmas Extravaganza, York – Sat 15th December

For our final fling of 2012 we headed back to the Wagon and Horses where we last played in October. ??This time a Christmas song in our set list was "mandatory" so December Days got it's second and last performance of the festive season. ??This time we'd learned our lesson and instead of getting the entire audience to sing along from printed "hymn" sheets to a song they don't know, we just asked for two volunteers to form a backing choir. ??This was a much improved method of making sure that Pete's asides were not lost in the performance. ??Also, what we couldn't have banked on was the quality of the backing vocalists we'd get. ??Both really got into the act and added a lot to the performance and were great sports considering how much they'd already been picked on as audience members.

In this was the highlight of the show: someone else's act. ??Not us…but the diva-esque hissy-fit storm out by a lovely lady who we'd picked on too many times. ??It was an inspired piece of acting that had both of us certain that we'd upset her until she sat back down with a smile on her face, ??We even both exclaimed "we thought we'd??genuinely??made you cross then!" ??We must have looked horrified until the gag was revealed. ??

"That was brilliant acting," we commented.

"I'm a drama teacher," she said looking rightly proud. ??Those kids'll be alright.

And that marked potentially our favourite gig of the year which is not bad for the last one. ??If it wasn't our best it was probably our most relaxed which is not a bad way to celebrate the festive season.

Happy December Days and all that…

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