New Year News

Happy New Year and all that!

So what's new pussy cat? and all that and all that?

  • Well, in the last 24 hours I've tweaked what is now our official home page at but you might have already noticed that what with you looking at it right now. ??There's little links on it now to our major sites, it's just been generally given a new year tidy up.
  • As you might have spotted in the previous bullet, I've started speaking in first person. ??When I say I, I mean me, The Lomos aka Spencer (Wheels) Vale (more about names in a minute) because it's usually me who writes this stuff and sometimes it can get a little confusing when I try and write from the perspective of the hive-mind that is PMATL. ??So now on, it will be just easier all round if you know that the blog is coming from The Lomos…sorry…me.
  • Speaking of me…ahem…seen as it's also me that does the @PMATLOfficial twitter feed as well as my own (previously known as @SJVale) I decided it would make more sense to have just one. ??Generally speaking I update @SJVale more often, therefore it's marginally more interesting and relevant and also contains PMATL news. ??So I thought, why not have just one twitter feed instead. ??Therefore last night I changed @SJVale to @PMATL_ and let everyone over at @PMATLOfficial to come join the PMATL action at the new feed instead. ??But then…
  • I had a bit of a conflict going on in my mind since then about the best way to organise the various websites we run and what to call myself seen as my twitter feed would now be aimed largely just PMATL followers, but within the context of our duo I guess I am The Lomos – the one man band – but also get called Lomo 2, Spencer Wheels and Spencer Vale onstage. ??Confusing much? ??And then there's the fact that our MP3 site is called and my solo material released on there (so far) is under my actual name: Spencer Vale. ??So I just felt a little like my identity was getting a little lost. ??So I went back and changed the new @PMATL_ to @TheLomos which ironically is what @PMATLOfficial used to be called. ??I know. Silly, pointless, confusing and a tad indulgent. ??But still – this is the way it makes sense to cut things. ??Peter does solo work and has his own feed @Peter_Marshall_ and therefore, why not have the other half of our band name – the bit that is me – be the other half of the name of the band. ??And then just make it obvious in the bio that it is also the official twitter account of PMATL news. ??Simple. ??Obvious. ??Don't know why we didn't do it before. ??Boring possibly? ??Yes. ??Don't worry I'll stop typing this in a minute.
  • So going back to the name The Lomos, it was always the original name of the band, when we used to collaborate more musically and it wasn't about comedy. ??So it makes sense for me to use this name for any music projects I do that involve me and collobaration – with the obvious and consistent angle that PMATL is the performance duo. ??When it comes to me and Pete we will always be Peter Marshall and The Lomos live and on record.
  • There'll be another Ramshackle along this month.
  • We have other PMATL news for the New Year to follow soon which will definitely be more interesting than twitter feeds, conventions and admin. ??So in the meantime we'll leave you with this song off our last album which I have now??inadvertently??made out of date:

Happy New Year!

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