Nostalgia-fest part 2

Further to yesterday's look back at my first foray in the world of music videos – as long ago as 2004 – here's another one. ??Again from 2004, this was for another York band Customer 1000. ??This time though, the lead singer Graham Berry was happy to star in the vid, ??My legs only made a cameo. ??Graham is one of the founding members of the original The Lomos line-up – Lomo 3 – and was the lead vocalist of Customer 1000. ??A clip from this vid resurfaced in the 2011 PMATL Ramshackle Episode 6 – Cast Away.

If there's a theme running through these early Fossgate Studios videos is literally running through it; as in the theme seems to be running, ??There's a lot less running in PMATL world that's for sure!


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