The 23rd December seems a long time ago now but as the rest of you were listening to The Pogues and drinking mulled wine, Pete and I were at The Palace Cinema in Malton. ??Deep in North Yorkshire, we were enjoying the premiere of Eboracum Pictures' latest short film called Fighter Pilot by Andrew Davies. ??It's a film that both Peter and I had the pleasure working on (documented in this blog here) and so getting to watch the finished project was a wonderful way to end the year, or an early Christmas present if you prefer.

It wasn't a PMATL project however, which brings us on to news of where the next big PMATL endeavour will come from. ??We're making a film. ??A musical comedy odyssey no less. ??Kinda suits doesn't it? ??And it's a project I've been wanting to do for years but now we're kind of in the right place to do properly.

It's going to be loosely based on a book I completed with my old Soldiers of Hell radio show/podcast buddy Andrew Melladay back in 2008. ??It was less of a novel, more of a fictionalised collection of our ramblings from between 1999-2008 masquerading as some sort of story. ??It's this semblance of plot that will form the backbone of the film with some of the pop culture themes touched on to provide the backdrop for the humour.

I'm really excited about this. ??It will fill a nice little gap in my creative ambitions that has been floating around since making this, my first ever film back in 2004:

It was coincidentally the first ever comedic meeting of me and Peter Marshall but by no means was a joint project nor was a work of fiction.

Once the Peter Marshall & The Lomos journey had kick-started in 2009, in some ways Ramshackle, our video diary, kept the filmmaker in me going and you can tell by the fact that it originally had a narrative structure that we had aspirations to make a film. ??However, Ramshackle by name and ramshackle by nature so it very soon changed to more of a video blog style. It's intended purpose was only a way to showcase our songs and skits and to document our journey as performers; therefore it quickly altered in ambition to reflect the time and resources we had available. ??The name stuck, because it says it all.

So spin on 3 years and where are we?

Well, we are more accomplished musical comedy duo, we've had some experience dabbling in the York indie film-making scene, and we now feel ready to tackle our own story. ??Plus, we've asked our comedy promoter friend Steve Shooter to come on board as Producer and he's already made some early steps towards putting a core team together. ??

Monday night we had our first meeting and were gratefully all on the same page and Pete and I have also made a start on some new songs for the production.

This thing is really happening. ??I mean it's going to happen. ??I don't mean it's popular in a American 1970s style. ??Although it might be that too. ??Time will tell. ??


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