Snow Joke

PMATL Gig Report 170: Cityscreen Basement, York – Friday 25th January 2013

Was it really nearly 2 years since we last played the Cityscreen Basement? Apparently it was. Two years on and we’re still pushing the same old schtik! Anyway, it was good to be back to our spiritual home for a cabaret night that featured no less than 7 burlesque acts on the bill. No joke.

At 6.30 as we parked up the car and lugged the keyboard and stand through town the snow had just started to fall. Then we descended Basement-wards. After we left the stage at 10.30 having finished our set I had a text message waiting that suggested it might be a good idea to get to the car as soon as we could. Being in a basement we had no idea how bad it was but we soon discovered the magnitude as we lugged the kit back through town. We had to do some serious digging to get the car out. (S)no(w) joke.

So back to the gig: and what did we learn? Well, it wasn’t the first time we’d shared the bill with burlesque dancers but I’m pretty sure we work well together. Let’s make this happen more often people. We’ll gig for free.

Surprisingly, considering the theme of the bill, when we offered the audience the choice between Sexy and Eggs for us to play as the next song they went with the latter. I take that to mean we’re sexy enough. Next step for PMATL: nipple tassles.

Too far?


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