A Latte Fun


Gig Report 171: Coppergate Starbucks, York – 31st January 2013

I’m not sure that we’ve played a gig in a coffee shop before. Not even during 24 Gigs in 24 Hours. So it’s always nice to have a first.

The was a monthly acoustic showcase vibe and a bit of a fundraiser for charity Jessie’s Fund. We were second on the bill and it was going to be the first ever performance of our new song BEARD. Or to give it its full title: B E A R D (A personal lament to men with full bodied beards). Needless to say it was a little ropey, so let’s skim(med milk) over that quickly. We did a 30 min set which had its ups and downs. The audience had a considerable mix in terms of age demographic. There were young kids (which meant we had to censor ourselves quite a bit), parents, and I think it’s fair to say the rest were students. Let’s put it this way, when Pete asked “who remembers the 80s?” he didn’t get a lot of cheers!

The whole gig had a nice vibe to it though. Very chilled. Very cool. Like a frappuccino or something. With sprinkles on.


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