Getting it out (there)


Getting it out sounds rude doesn't it? ??Well you're hooked in now so you've got to read on.

Actually I'm not talking about getting it out (Uncle Jim style) I'm talking about putting it out. ??What? ??No better? ??I mean releasing music you silly sausage.

About a year ago I put on Twitter that I'm going to release some old tunes as there's no point in having them sat on my laptop or on mini-discs (yeah i'm that old) with nobody listening to them. ??I may as well at least put stuff on the internet so that nobody listens to them on there either!

Anyway, I've finally got round to it and put out (steady on) another EP. ??This one called: Sorry Grass Too Slippery. ??It's available through BandCamp and you can listen to or download (for free or pay what you like) below.

Apart from a small amount of vox on track one it's all instrumental and I suppose stylistically it represents a link between the EPs??I Sense Euphoria and Caution Please Drive Slowly. ??Chronologically that's not strictly true, as a couple of the tracks date back to a couple of old releases I did through a website called Peoplesound as long ago as 2000! ??The track Decadent Dreams was also from that era, but the version here was updated in 2003 and likewise with Floating 2004; but no prizes for guessing what year I remixed that. ??

To refer to the style again, I see these tracks representing the soundtrack writer in me; although they weren't written with a film in mind hopefully you agree when you listen. ??Floating I actually remixed to feature on the soundtrack to my Fossgate Studios film York Comedy Festival 2004 (which you can watch below) so technically it ended up in a film despite not being originally conceived for that purpose.


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