Production Begins

Yesterday was the first day of shooting our movie which we’re optimistically calling #ProjectHollywood.  It won’t actually be a called that though.  Although we will make it to Hollywood.  That’s Hollywood in Worcestershire of course.  Or maybe not.

The “test shoot” as we’re calling it, although some of the footage will actually end up in the film, took place at Producer Steve’s house and we turned his living room into a boy’s pad for a small party scene.  It was our first opportunity to get the core cast together and discuss the project fully and improvise some scenes on camera to see how we gelled.  We also shot some footage which might hopefully become the opening title sequence featuring the artwork of Gareth Milne and camera skills of Rob Clay.

You know it’s hard to blog about his without giving too much about the film away and still be interesting.  Hopefully I’ll improve.  

Anyway, our next big step is a rough edit of yesterday’s scene and a promo vid for a fundraising page.  I’ll update you again when we get that far.  For now though, thanks to Steve and Caroline for location/producing skills, James, Lucy and Helen for acting skills, Rob for camera skills, Gareth for artwork skills, and me, Pete and all of the above for beer drinking skills.

Keep that camera rolling…

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