Ramshackle#16 – Ramshackle or Shambles

After announcing the official name for our forthcoming feature film earlier in the week (Europop vs The Big Apple) we’ve changed our minds already. It’s now called Transatlantic Smash to reflect a plot tweak we’ve made. Personally, we think it’s catchier too.

Throughout the making of the film will be using the Ramshackle video diary as the vehicle for some behind the scenes video blogs. As a precursor, or prequel if you like, to those video diaries we’ve put together the following episode which is a brief history of our film making to date. And to bring us bang up to date you get the sneakiest of sneaky peeks glimpsy looky-looks behind the scenes of the test shoot of Transatlantic Smash.

There’s a host of clips from other people’s stuff in this vid. Bits from Behind The Scenes of Beggar’s Bridge by Eboracum Pictures, a snippet from Red Shirt Films’ popular webseries I Am Tim, as well as an exciting look at their forthcoming new series called Nights At The Round Table. There’s also an interview from York 2004 about Fossgate Studios, a production company in its infancy back then (and still I suppose still is 9 years later! There’s not been a lot of output beyond Ramshackle). (Thanks to Benn Cordrey for the archive footage.)

So it seems fitting timing then that another new production company, Tee Yo Media, should announce the following on Twitter yesterday:

The first full behind the scenes vid of Transatlantic Smash comes very soon. It’s all going off video style in PMATL land right now!


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