Ramshackle#17 – Give Cash

Fans/followers/likers/tweeters – yes that’s you – I’m here to ask for a favour. Peter Marshall and The Lomos have a dream. We want to make our feature film as good as it can be. Unfortunately, begging and borrowing (we draw the line at stealing) will get you so far. Steve Shooter, our Producer, has done an ace job of calling in favours, but now we could really do with a leg up. So we’re asking you to invest, or if you can’t afford to, then we’d love it if you could share this link with as many people as possible:


Please take a look, have a read, and watch our plea video – then unleash the full power of your social networking skills, and then, if you’re feeling extra generous, why not invest a little cash for one of the lovely perks we’re offering.

We’ve shot two scenes so far, and we honestly think this will be the best thing we’ve done, but every scene from here on in gets just a little bit more ambitious. So that’s why we’re asking for a little bit more help. If you can’t invest money, then we’re always looking for people to invest their time too – especially if you live in/near York. Please get in touch via the links on the Indiegogo page.

On Sunday, we shot our second block of footage of which the photo above shows. Despite the fact I seem to be buried in a wardrobe be warned that this is not about Narnia.

Cast and crew involved or confirmed so far include:

Peter Marshall – Pete/Pedro
Spencer Vale – Spencer Wheels
James Christopher – James Krieger
Lucy Meredith – Lucy
Helen Dowson – Helen
Benn Cordrey – Character name TBC – Maybe Benn to be original?
Andrew Melladay – Simon Bull
Neil Foster – Radio DJ

Producer – Steve Shooter
Written by Spencer Vale/Peter Marshall/James Christopher with additional material by the cast
Based on a book by Spencer Vale & Andrew Melladay and PMATL: a stage act by Peter Marshall and Spencer Vale
Artwork – Gareth Milne

Right then – who wants a piece of the action?

Love PMATL and all of the above! x


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