An Inspiring Beard

Gig Report 174: Wagon and Horses, York – Sat 27th April 2013

This gig was the 3rd time we’d played The Wagon and Horses in roughly 6 months so there was a small fear that people would be bored of us. As it turned out, we had a particularly decent crowd, but that’s because this time it was mainly made up of friends and family. Now, that’s all well and good, but it makes getting into character just that little bit harder.

We love audience interaction, and when singing, eye contact can make all the difference in terms of achieving an engaging performance and a connection with your audience. But when the audience already knows you particularly well, you’ve got to up the ante. So instead of pretending we didn’t know people, we played up to it.

The most memorable interaction came with an audience member that we didn’t know however. He was called Dave and had a particularly fine beard, which made the banter around our BEARD ENVY tune all the more satisfying. Pete, playing on the fact that Dave was about the only person in the audience not in his family he suggested that Dave could be our kindly uncle if wanted. I said “he’s no uncle of mine” which was maybe a little harsh. There was some genetic truth in that though as I doubt I could grow a beard that strong.

BEARD ENVY is actually going to be the focal tune of our feature film (amongst an entire album of new material) and you can pre-order a copy of that soundtrack album by donating just a small amount to our Indiegogo page. You can get other perks too, right here:

If you could help us reach our financial goal we’ll love you forever.

Let the Lomo love-in begin…


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