Following yesterday’s extra little fundraising blog we’ve had a few more contributions, so a massive thanks goes to those that are helping towards our humble dream become a reality. There’s still plenty of time for you to get involved if you haven’t done so yet:

In the meantime, here’s a tiny little tease to whet your appetite: A key focus of the first act of the film is a song called BEARD ENVY. (Yes it is all meant to be capitalised – and no we’re not shouting at you.) It’s written especially for the film and we’ve been playing it at gigs in recent months. But if you haven’t been to one of recent gigs you won’t have heard it. Well, in this Ramshackle episode from earlier this year there is the smallest of snippets:

In other film news, we’ve recently confirmed another couple of cast members to our line-up: Nathan Hudson and Jennifer Jordan, of which the former has also joined the writing team having come up with some inspired ideas for set pieces and how to tighten up some plot elements. Great to have them both on board.

Steve, our producer, has been busy behind the scenes making enquiries, plans and generally just being ace. Exciting times. We can’t wait to crack on with another block of filming towards the end of the month!


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