An “Exercise” In Indie Film Making


As Peter tweeted during the middle of filming block 3 of movie on Friday night: “Don’t even have enough money for a tripod. Having to use an 80’s exercise bike. Please help.”

This is not strictly true anymore, as with exactly 59 hours left to go as I type, our crowd-funding page for the film has quite incredibly reached a total of £495!  We can definitely afford a tripod with that.  In fact we’re more inclined to borrow one off someone so that we can save every penny for other necessities.  More accurately, we had borrowed one off someone, but Producer Steve can’t remember where he put it.  That’s pretty much a sackable offence if it wasn’t for the fact that so far he’s not only performed producer duties admirably, he’s also at various points provided location, casting, catering, cameraman, marketing, finance, lighting.  Yesterday he was 1st Assistant Director.  As he put it earlier on twitter: “I’m going for every possible credit on this film.”

Steve affectionately calls our film Project Hollywood, (or more accurately #projecthollywood) and yes, £495 is some way short of a Hollywood budget, but hey, everyone’s got to start somewhere.

So in summary, so far a big thanks to everyone who has helped us with out funding and a big thanks to Steve.  If in the final few hours of our Crowd Funding page you fancy dropping us a few quid to help us make 90 mins of pure British sillyness, please please do.  Come midnight Monday, what we’ve got is what we’ve got.

And share the link.  Share, share, share like the wind you social media demons you.

Tomorrow we’ve another block of filming and I’m going to be up early making sandwiches.  Wish me luck.  Last time I did something with a culinary implement the morning before a shoot I slashed a massive chunk of skin off my thumb by putting it through the bottom of a cafetiere, losing about an espresso shot of blood in the process.  Blood, sweat and tears this indie film making lark.  Blood, sweat and tears.


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