Getting the “white” balance



In the picture above is Helen and Lucy who play two of the key characters in the film called…erm…Helen and Lucy.

This photo was taken today at shooting day 4 and Helen is holding up a piece of white paper to help me set the white balance on the camera.  If you’re not familiar with photography then basically this is how you set up the camera for each shot to make sure the colour temperatures are right.  In even more simple terms, it makes the colours look like they’re meant to look (no blue-ish or yellow-ish tinges for example).  The other day when we were filming, we didn’t have a white piece of paper to hand.  (The same day that we didn’t have a tripod.)  And therefore we used Steve’s mini-fridge.



This is proving to be DIY film-making at its finest.

Anyway, back to Helen and Lucy.  Today they improvised a scene which in the current structure of the film is pivotal to not one but two key plot threads, documenting the catalyst of both.  Armed with  nothing but the knowledge of the two key points that they needed to get across, they improvised a fantastic scene with really natural performances.  I’ve just reviewed the rushes and they nailed it – totally validating my decision to make this movie improvised and thus I should get all the credit!  Seriously though, this film has now gone up a notch thanks to our leading ladies.  

We also filmed a hilarious set piece scene written and led by James who plays the band’s manager called…erm…James.  I don’t wish to give you any joke based spoilers, but let’s just say the scene was a flip-chart based presentation of how to market the band.  Pure class and I corpsed about a million times.  Thankfully, my back was to camera mostly.


So, another good day on Transatlantic Smash, and the gauntlet has well and truly been thrown down for Pete and I to step up to the plate.  Speaking of plates, the cakes that Steve provided for cast and crew were a million times better than the sandwiches I produced.  And Sophie on Production Assistant duties whipped up a snazzy upside-down-waste-paper-basket-on-a-set-of-drawers combo which knocks the exercise bike (yeah tripod still missing) into a cocked hat.  Like I say, the benchmark has been well and truly raised.  Pete and I need to up our game to set the right/white balance.  (Yes, this entire blog has been structured around a bad pun.)

With only 36 hours left in fundraising campaign, by the next time that we shoot, we might have our own tripod!

#projecthollywood continues…

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