Updated and Spoiler Free

The film production has continued post-haste this week, with a new scene being filmed last Thursday. Without giving away any gags, it took place in a local radio station, with Neil Foster playing the DJ (imaginatively called Neil) who interviewed our heroes.

As usual, we filmed the scene in an improvised fashion, operating within a pre-written/planned framework. Neil, new to the cast, hit the ground running with a performance that captured exactly what we were after in take 1! We did a few more takes for safety/editorial choice, but the whole process felt really slick. The documentary/improvisational style we’ve adopted for this film is by no means taking the easy route. But with each scene that we film I feel more and more happy that we’ve made the right creative choice.

Speaking of creative choices, last night we had a writers meeting to make sure we have extracted as much comedy value from the plot arc, characters, set pieces, locations that we’d already planned. This is a not a writer’s meeting in terms of scripting dialogue. It is more to make sure that each character’s arc makes sense, and to ensure that we can be clear on each character’s motivations when directing the actors improvising. I can’t stop smiling when I think about some of the set pieces we going to film over the coming months. I’m having to fight not to drop spoilers in here!

As always, we’ll keep you posted – and spoiler free.


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