Nice Light

ImageAnother week, another couple of scenes for the film locked down.

This little shoot had a handful of firsts for our little movie:

(1) It was the first two scenes that we’ve filmed outdoors.  There were a couple issues that hampered us (sounds of trains, geese, drunks being the main ones) but one thing that really worked in our favour was the midsummer’s evening lighting conditions.  Pretty sure Pete complimented the sun about 46 times. “Yeah good job nature. You don’t get enough credit!” #NiceLight is the new hashtag of choice.

(2) It was the first scene to feature Nathan Hudson in his role as PMATL nemesis Nathan Jones.  Let’s just say it was a good job my back was positioned to camera most of the time he was in it.  My uncontrollable laughter would’ve ruined pretty much every take otherwise.

(3) It was the first time we’ve had a major technical issue that we’ve had to improvise around. The primary camera failed to do as it was told so we had to come up with another way of shooting the scene thanks to Steve who I’m now going to call Mr Versatile from now on.

One of the scenes we captured was a visual gag that needed the use of phones ringing and people talking on speakerphone.  The whole thing was complicated by the documentary style and therefore the logic of how certain elements needed to be captured on camera.  This is the type of situation where making an improv film doesn’t help much because without script or storyboard it’s hard to communicate the effect you’re trying to create.  What ended up funnier than the gag itself was how many times Pete and I had to explain what we were doing.  


Still, we got there in the end; capturing everything we needed with literally seconds before the #NiceLight faded and a passing cyclist entered shot.

So another 2 down, and later today we will make a start on some of gig footage we need.  I wonder what the light will be like…

Thanks Summer.  You’re doing a fine job.  Keep it up.  The sun that is.


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