We’ve Wimble-don a Gig!

Gig Report 175: The Hop, Leeds – Sunday 7th July 2013

It’s been a few months since we’ve done a gig, what with being very busy with our film, so in theory it should’ve been a nice change to hop in a car, to hop to a gig, at The Hop in Leeds. And that would’ve been the case if it wasn’t for the fact that it was a late afternoon gig, requiring us to leave York just after 4pm, on the hottest day of the year, right in the middle of the most important men’s tennis final in British history.

Pete arrived at my house to pick me up just as Andy Murray was about to win the second set. What were we doing? This was crazy! But a gig’s a gig and a booking’s a commitment; so off we tootled in a red hot car (temperature-wise not a Lambourgini) with the tennis on the wireless (MW radio, not bluetooth). I’d never listened to tennis commentary on the radio before, but it’s pretty difficult to follow, especially when it’s played at that pace, even though the commentators were doing a stirling job. It didn’t help that the satnav decided to give directions just as game-winning points were played. “Quiet on court please!”

So, running slightly late, Murray was about to serve for the match when we arrived at our destination. Well, it was our destination according to the satnav. It’s wasn’t actually our destination. But we didn’t care. It was opposite a cafe-bar showing the tennis, so Pete did a hasty reverse park, locked the car, and we ran inside just in time to watch 3 agonising deuce shifts before Mr Murray finally put us out of 77 year long misery. (We’re not actually that old.)

So then we grabbed our kit and ran to The Hop; which would have been a lovely place for a late afternoon gig if everyone else hadn’t been at home watching the tennis or chilling out in their garden on the hottest day of the year. Well we did our set to the other acts, one heckler (do you do any real songs?), and a lovely couple in the front row who said they enjoyed it. See, it was worth it after all! Also, we managed to film our set which a few shots of may end up in our film in a montage or two.

I love a good montage, and that just left us with enough time to go home, rewatch the final set, and soak up the BBC’s montage of the greatest achievement we’ve seen in British Sport since well, last summer I suppose. Well done Andy!

Everybody loves a montage.


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