Old Films/New Film

Gig Report 176: Festival of The Rivers – York, Sunday July 21st 2013


We bloody love festival season.  Especially when it allows us to embrace our weirdness.  And let’s just say that in advance of this gig, this one was a particularly odd prospect.

Coming as the final performance of York’s Festival of The Rivers, hosted by The Arts Barge Project, it was difficult to describe to people how the following made sense: Us hosting 2 hours of musical comedy mixed with silent films from Yorkshire from over a hundred years ago.  But it did work.  And we had a right blast.

There was us on MCing duties, introducing the fascinating films sourced by John and Rob from Cinem@ from the Yorkshire Film Archive and soundtracked live on the night by a band led by Christian Topman from the Arts Barge crew.  Also on the bill was local comedian Rory Motion who we’d highly recommend you see live if you ever get the chance.

We not only got to play between the films and introduce them, but we also did a mini set at the end of the evening to finish off.  When Christian’s band joined in with our Sexy performance (that’s Sexy the song, not an actual sexy performance – although I did begin to strip at one point of the night to kill some time, but that’s another story) it was the best we’ve ever sounded.  It totally makes us want to go on tour with this.  I’ve always wanted a bigger band.  Now I want one with two double bases, a violin, a piano, a drummer, and a synth.

Considering that most of the night we were separated on stage by a cinema screen, we somehow managed to sync up on a new pendulum leg dance that we plan on doing at every gig now.  Also, the Cinem@ chaps have filmed the gig and we’ll be using some performance clips in our forthcoming movie: Transatlantic Smash.  So a massive thanks to them.

We also want to say a big thanks to everyone at the Artsbarge Project letting us get involved in this weird and wonderful evening.  They’re planning some great stuff in the future too and you should pop along to their tent at Galtres Festival in August.  Unfortunately we won’t be at that one but we hope to hook up with them again soon.

Let the lomo love-in begin…

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