I love it when a plan comes together

Following the Artsbarge gig at the Rivers Festival at the weekend, work on Transatlantic Smash has really begun to ramp up with a lot of important scenes to film over the remainder of the summer. This started immediately on Monday as I wrote hastily started writing 3 new scenes that we’re going to film this coming Monday. We’re been fortunate to get a really exciting actor on board but she’s only available for 1 day so it was a case of quickly planning around that.

The character she’s playing will help some of the other plots strands hang together nicely and there’s a few call backs to other jokes in there. Unfortunately me being me I’ve gone and written 3 visual gags that need props, 2 of which needed making bespoke with less than a week to go by the time I’d got round to it. It’s all good though. This wouldn’t be a proper indie film if we went about things the easy way!

Anyway, more news on Monday’s hoot in due course. At least the filming we did on Tuesday (just gone) all fell into place really nicely. This time at another gig…

Gig Report 177: Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton – Tues 23rd July 2013

We were 2nd on the bill of 4 including Manchester standup Zoe Iqbal, B&B (a female musical comedy duo who organised the evening) and Bored Housewives (a York based lo-fi comedy folk act). The gig itself was fun, the audience lovely and the acts all great. That on any other day would be enough to keep us more than happy. But imagine this….

In our film we have a key scene at the end of the first act which includes not only a live performance of our song BEARD ENVY at a local venue, but also needed 2 more acts to appear and one of their tunes to appear too, all in a decent looking arts type venue. So when not only Seven Arts said that we could film, B&B and Bored Housewife said they were happy to be in the film, and Richard the soundman said we could have a Wav mix of the performances. Bingo! But there’s more!

Bored Housewife as it happens are also making a film so had planned to filming the gig.

“Do you want to share footage so that we’ve got even more angle options?”.

“Hell yes.”

And there’s more…

Mark, the host of the gig, kindly agreed to play the MC role for the scene and we captured his lines in the soundcheck.


The audience didn’t object when we said we were filming and their might be crowd shots used. Winner!

And finally…

Three lovely ladies in the audience agreed to play enthusiastic extras in some cut-aways that we grabbed after the gig.

I think the stars were all in alignment on Tuesday or something…

#ProjectHollywood continues.

By the way B&B are off to Edinburgh Fringe next month and you’d be crazy not go and see them. We think they’re ace.

Let the Lomo love-in Begin…


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