Marmite on Toast

Gig Report 178: Wagon and Horses Summer Beer Festival, York – Sat 27th July 2013


We’ve played the Wagon and Horses quite a few times over the last year, and off the back of a string of fun summer gigs we were looking forward to our return.  This time we were on the bill of entertainment as part of the Summer Beer Festival and the thought of playing on a stage in the beer garden in the late evening sunshine was an added bonus.  That was at least until some (rare!) British rain scuppered that idea.

We moved inside to the familiar room of our other Wagon performances to face a relaxed group of onlookers.  After a day of golden hops and acoustic vibes, they understandably found our schtik rather different.  So what did we do?  We amped up our marmite-ness to 11.  Some times you’ve just got to give it beans and see where the yeast extract lies at the end of it.  It was evident where this was going when on striking up our Audience Participation Time jingle, 2 people left the room.  But…thankfully they did return by the time our next song was starting.  Only for another 2 people to up and leave.  What is this?  Do we have to retain a net equilibrium of people that like/don’t like us in this room?

Anyway, we pushed on like the pros that we are…. A hem.  And we had fun.  We amuse ourselves at least.  Which is exactly what one punter said when Pete spoke to them after the gig to apologise in case we’d embarrassed them.  Not patronising…much!  To be fair to them, Pete had thrust the mic under their face during a sing-along when it was evident that they weren’t enjoying it.  I think they call that poking the lion.  What we didn’t expect was that they would not only not sing along, they would stare past the microphone blankly in such a way as though it didn’t exist.  In fact, almost like Pete didn’t exist.  Not easily done.  Yes, this person definitely wasn’t a fan of Marmite, nor Vegemite or even Bovril.  Maybe they’d had too much yeast already from the real ale on tap.

 But like I say – we had fun.  There’s nothing wrong with not having everyone as superfans.  It’s just a shame when the person that ignores you is about to go on and perform themselves.  What happened to co-performer camaraderie? 

Anyway, it doesn’t matter when we’ve got each other.  Ahhhh… that sounds sickly sweet doesn’t it.  I think I need a beer.  Or maybe some Marmite on toast.  Yes I think I’ll have some now.

Let the Lomo love-in begin…


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