A Week In (our) Film

What a 7 days…After a frantic weekend of trying to hastily bag a versatile venue for our filming session on Mon 31st July due to our prior plans falling through, we were finally able to relax into things thanks to The Walnut Tree pub in Heworth, York saving our bacon. We then embarked our most productive, exciting and frankly mental week in the film yet.

We spent the Monday afternoon with the wonderful Nicola Brazil, currently to be seen in Jersey Boys on the West End, who absolutely smashed the 3 scenes we’d written for her. Only having her available for a small window meant that our planning had to be much tighter than normal and for once we actually wrote a proper script to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Being such an impressive performer she nailed the character straight of the bat and wasn’t in any way put off by the weirdness that we had written. It allowed Pete and I to sit back and let the real star of these scenes truly shine! Watching the rushes back I can’t wait for you to see these scenes. But I’m afraid you’re gonna have to!

Saturday brought Andrew Melladay into the mix, my long time radio show/podcast co-host and collaborator on the book – What’s The Deal With Europe? – that inspired this film. Again, with only one weekend to capture the scenes featuring his important character, we spent most of Saturday planning, writing, and making the biggest visual prop for the film. Apart from a couple of talking head scenes, the majority of Andy’s scenes were filmed at the Monk Bar Hotel on Sunday afternoon. It was great to have him on board proceedings, bring a real intensity to his character (or should I say one of his characters? I shall say no more for now) and I was pretty scared when I was acting in front of him! No acting required on my part! And his scene may yet prove to be the best thing in the film. I honestly can’t say anymore at this stage for the fear of spoilers, but let’s just say this….Steve, our producer, said it was easily the weirdest day of filming yet. I’d echo that. I also take that as a challenge!

So, a cracking week and we roll on to next week where we’re planning our biggest day of filming yet on Aug 15th. It’s all looking good in Transatlantic Smash land!


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