You’re Acting Right?

Gig Report 178: La Boheme, Leeds – Saturday 5th October 2013

There are gigs. And then there are gigs you’ll always remember. And this was one of those that falls into the latter category.

But why?

Was it because we were headlining the penultimate show in Ben Randm’s Leeds LaughterFest? Was it because the venue was cool and the bar staff and punters also highly attractive? Was it Ben’s boundless enthusiasm and the sheer quality of the other acts on the bill too? Or was it the Jerk Chicken BBQ that was going on throughout?

Well yes, they were all the good bits – and therefore also memorable. Oh, and La Boheme serves my favourite beer ever too (Punk IPA) did I mention that?

But really – it’s the negative side that sticks in the mind. So what was it?

Well, on most occasions, you’d think that discovering that the multi storey car park that you’ve parked your car in is locked overnight would be the thing that defines the evening. You’d thing that the calls to the national car park call centre to negotiate the release of your car, or the dilemma of whether to leave it and make a run with a very heavy keyboard to catch the last train home or not would be the thing that sticks in the mind. What about the fear of the hefty fine you think you’re gonna get for dragging the on call car park attendant out to free your vehicle in the early hours of the morning? What possible excuses are you gonna have? (I didn’t see the opening hours sign – true as it was sounds lame.) Turned out that we didn’t get fined in the end anyway! So, frustrating as it was, that little eventuality turned out in our favour.

So what’s the big deal then?

Well…For the first time ever, we made an audience member cry. And not with laughter unfortunately.

“What’s wrong?” Pete asks the lady in the audience that we’ve interacted with a few times.

“You’ve upset her.” Says her boyfriend.

“She’s acting though right?” Asks Pete. (Bare in mind we’re still on stage here.)

“I’ll let you decide.” That means no then.

So there you go. Another PMATL first. And even now, we’re not exactly sure what we did to upset her. But what ever it was…we’re sorry.

After the gig some of the audience asked us to join them for a drink because they’d enjoyed the set so much. We always knew that we’re divisive but this is not just a marmite performance. This is Marmite Gold – the extra mature variety.

Let the Lomo love-in begin…


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