One of The 7 Arts

PMATL Gig Report 179: Unhinged, 7 Arts, Chappel Allerton, Leeds – Wednesday 9th October 2013

This gig was a return to Seven Arts, a lovely venue in Chappel Allerton, where we also performed in July earlier this year (that performance of which will be featured in Transatlantic Smash), this time for an acoustic evening of “unhinged” performances. Did we fit the bill? I guess we did. Well, as well as anyone did I suppose as it was less unhinged, more eclectic.

Six different acts created a cocktail of comedy, songs, ukulele, clarinet, classical, baritone, music hall, folk and punk. And then there was us. Whatever we are.

What are we? Answers on a postcard please.

Whatever we are we seemed to go down ok. There was one guy on the front row who was visibly loving it. Huge laughter. Huge (silent) laughter. So unfortunately he was loving it in a silent way. Unlike his mate next to him who was visibly hating it in a silent way. Huge blank-expressions. Divisive again you see – that’s us. At least nobody cried this time. (As far as we know.)

We performed Sweet Spanish Hunchback from Transatlantic Smash for the very first time. An exclusive for Seven Arts.

By the way, what are the seven arts? I reckon we nailed 4 of them. Comedy, Music, Dance and rugged-beauty.

PMATL – actively practising 4 of the 7 arts.

Let the Lomo love-in begin…


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