If We Were Professional…

If we were professional we’d announce that we have wrapped on principal photography for Transatlantic Smash. But we’re not so, so we’ll say: Last Monday we filmed a few more bits of our movie, and we’ve only got a few more bits left to get, and we’ll probably film them once we’ve done a rough edit.

Or words to that effect.

Yes, an intensive day at the wonderfully accommodating Fibbers live music venue with the majority of the main cast, followed another scene at a secret outdoor location (no spoilers) and we’ve got enough in the can to make an end to end movie. I’m pleased with what we manage to capture, and I’m pleased to be able to get stuck into next phase of the project.

It will require some graft to pull together a rough edit, so that the writing and production team get together and see how it hangs. We can hang out and see how it’s hanging.

Or words to that effect.

It’s the bit I’m actually most excited about as it’s during this process that the film really begins to take shape.

Then we’ll capture any other pieces that we need, fine tune the edit, and then do the visual and audio polish.


2014. That’s all I’m committing to for now!

Anyway, we’re definitely getting there…and we’ll see you on the other side of the edit.


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