P*ss up in a Brewery

Gig Report 180: On The Hop, York Brewery – Sunday 20th October 2013

It’s taken me too long to get round to this blog but here it finally is.  One month later and I’ve finally got over the fact that it is possible to have a successful piss up in a brewery!

We were second to last on the bill for an arts festival that had been on all weekend based at York Brewery.  We were concerned that the rainy weather would keep the punters away but we should’ve known better. Nothing stands in the way of real ale lovers.

Before we went on Pete sampled some 5.8% tipple and we wondered if he’d hold himself together on stage.  Gratefully he did and thankfully I also managed to stay upright despite almost stepping backwards into a piece of artwork; a canvas painted to look like a rather funky wall. I hasten to add that I hadn’t been drinking as it was my turn to drive us to the venue. I didn’t plan that very well considering my love for a good ale.

After we’d finished we were presented with some sketches of our performance on beer mats by some lovely local artists. Nice.

2013-10-21 22.15.24

Tomorrow we return to York Brewery with the other two members of our original line-up of The Lomos but this time not to perform but to have a tour and some drinks instead. Yes Lomofest is here again. It seems we too can organise a piss up in a brewery!

Let the Lomo love-in begin…


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